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Black Creek Forestry

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About Black Creek

What We Do

Understory wintertime burn in Halifax County, NC

  •     Forest Management Planning              
  •    Harvest Planning and Implementation     
  •   Timber Appraisals                   
  •      Contract Cruising                 
  •     Pine & Hardwood Hand Planting               
  •   Timber Marking                  
  •     Prescribed Burning             
  •    Forestry Mulching               
  •   Mechanical Site Prep                                          
  •     Ground & Aerial Herbicide Application-- Site Prep, Pine Release, Wildlife Habitat, Invasive Species,  Longleaf Pine  Est.                                                                                              
  •    Longleaf Pine  Field Scalping                 
  •     Pre-commercial Thinning                      
  •    Forestry Present Use Plans                              

Quality Forest Management Pays Off

6 year old longleaf pines we planted in Harnett County, NC

Productive stands of timber grow recreation, land value & forest products.  Its a no-lose scenario.

Making Forestry Profitable for Landowners

Skidder applied pine mid-rotation release in Edgecombe Co, NC

We love helping landowners grow their timber investment.  It makes us all look good.

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We love helping our clients practice quality forestry

Black Creek Forestry

4920 Raleigh Road, Benson, NC 27504, US

(919) 631-4064